What Makes Us Different
Censorship Resistance
PrivX is a cutting-edge, decentralized platform that values your privacy. With no KYC or account verification necessary, you can seamlessly use Web3 wallets like MetaMask to log in and access our services.
Anonymous Transactions
Trade confidently on PrivX exchange without the need to disclose personal information. Our platform empowers users with the option to conceal their identity and transaction details, ensuring utmost privacy.
Complete Ownership
At PrivX, we prioritize your security. We do not hold your assets, putting you in full control of your crypto investments. Experience true financial sovereignty, free from the risk of asset freezing.
Informed Trading
PrivX utilizes TradingView's advanced charting and trading platforms to empower users with real-time market visualization and analysis. TradingView provides access to interactive charts, financial news, market data, and an economic calendar. This robust suite of trading tools enables informed decision making when analyzing assets on PrivX.
Trade With Ease
Spot Trading
Support for mainstream cryptocurrencies, customizable modular trading interface, and enhanced privacy protection for transactions.
Margin Trading
Oracle integration, support for mainstream tokens.
Derivatives Trading
Access to a variety of financial instruments including futures, options, and perpetual contracts.
Trade With Ease
Get in on the ground floor of innovative blockchain technology and trade freely on PrivX.
Trading Volume
Trading involves substantial financial and other risks. PrivX does not provide investment or financial advice.